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Review terms
Colonial (17th Century)
Roanoke/Raleigh Jamestown House of Burgess John Smith
Bacon's Rebellion Headright system Puritanism Separatism
Plymouth Plantation John Winthrop William Bradford Anglicanism
Halfway Covenant Indentured Servants Inner light William Penn
Glorious Revolution Patroonship Covenant Salem Witch Trials
Navigation Acts indentured servants Quakers Puritans
Separatists Mayflower Compact

Colonial (18th Century)
Huguenots Scotch-Irish Triangular trade James Oglethorpe
George Whitfield Jonathan Edwards John Lock Molasses Act, 1733
Colonial assemblies town meetings county government Benjamin Franklin
Enlightenment Great Awakening

Revolutionary Era 1763-1776
Virtual representation salutary neglect Seven Years War or French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris, 1763 Proclamation Line, 1763 Sons of Liberty
Pontiac's Rebellion Sugar Act, 1764 Stamp Act, 1765 Townshend Acts
Boston Massacre, 1770 Repeal of Townshend Acts, 1772 Quebec Act, 1774
First Continental Congress, 1774 Galloway Plan of Union, 1774 Minutemen
Lexington and Concord, 1775 Second Continental Congress,
Battle of Bunker Hill Olive Branch Petition, 1775 Sam Adams John Adams
Common Sense Declaration of Independence Patrick Henry
Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson

Revolution and Confederation (1776-1787)
Second Continental Congress Continental Army Loyalists and Tories
Hessians Lafayette Valley Forge Battle of Saratoga Battle of Yorktown
Ordinance of 1785 Shay's Rebellion Articles of Confederation
Annapolis Convention George Washington Northwest Ordinance, 1787

The Federalist Era (1787-1800)
Constitutional Convention Great Compromise (CT Compromise)
3/5 Compromise Virginia and NJ Plans The Federalist Papers
Assumption of state debts Judiciary Act, 1789 Alexander Hamilton
Antifederalists Federalists XYZ Affair Washington's Farewell Address
Bill of Rights Quasi War Bank of US Alien and Sedition Acts
John Adams Thomas Jefferson Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions John Marshall
Midnight Appointments Election 1800 Jay's Treaty
Jeffersonian America (1800-1808)
Revolution of 1800 Marbury v Madison Louisiana Purchase (Constitutionality)
Lewis and Clark expedition Trial of Aaron Burr Embargo Act Noah Webster
Thomas Jefferson Toussaint L'Ouverture Eli Whitney

Nationalism and Sectionalism (181-1824)
War 1812 Impressment neutral rights Chesapeake-Leopard Affair Embargo
Macon's Bill #2 War Hawks James Madison Battle of New Orleans
Era of Good Feelings John Quincy Adams Adams-Onis Treaty Lowell System
Fletcher v Peck Dartmouth College v Woodward Gibbons v Ogden
American System corrupt bargain Henry Clay Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe Election 1824 Marshall Court

Jacksonian America (1824-1840)
Democrats Whigs Election of 1828 Webster-Haynes Debate
Tariff of Abominations Nicholas Biddle Kitchen Cabinet King Andrew
Indian removal Act Cherokee Removal Force Bill John C. Calhoun
South Carolina Exposition and Protest Daniel Webster John Tyler
Anti-Masonic Party Maysville Veto Eaton Affair Panic 1837
Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America WH Harrison Specie Circular
Roger B. Taney Charles River Bridge Case Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

Slavery and Abolitionism (Ante Bellum America)
Peculiar Institution black belt underground railroad slave revolts Liberia
Nat Turner Gang system slave codes Fredrick Douglass Harriett Tubman
William Lloyd Garrison American Colonization Society Grimke Sisters
Harriett Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin Nat Turner Denmark Vessey

An Age of Reform (1830 - 1860)
Transcendentalism lyceum American Renaissance Emerson Thoreau
Margaret Fuller Walt Whitman Herman Melville Nathaniel Hawthorne
Shakers Mormon John Smith Brigham Young Unitarianism
Self-reliance burned over district "Civil Disobedience" Lucretia Mott
Second Great Awakening New Harmony Brook Farm Dorthea Dix
Horace Mann Oberlin College Seneca Falls, Declaration of Sentiments, 1848

The Coming of Civil War (1819-1861)
Missouri Compromise Republic of Texas Manifest Destiny James Polk Alamo
Mexican War Nueces River Rio Grande Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Wilmont Proviso Bear Flag Revolt John C. Fremont Gag Rule Gadsden Purchase
Free Soil Party Ostend Manifesto Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 Popular Sovereignty
Bleeding Kansas 54'40" or fight John Brown Harpers Ferry Santa Anna
Election of 1860 Lincoln-Douglas Debates Dred Scott v Sanford Compromise of 1850
James Buchannon Fire Eaters Freeport Doctrine "Personal Liberty Laws"
Know- Nothings Stephen A Douglas Abraham Lincoln Sumner-Brooks Affair

The War Between the States (1860-1865)
Fort Sumter secession Confederacy Jefferson Davis Union Party
Border states Crittenden Compromise Homestead Act, 1862 Clara Barton
Morrill Land Grant Act Conscription Act, 1863 Copperheads,
Trent Affair Robert E. Lee Ex Parte Milligan Radical Republicans
March to the Sea Ulysses S. Grant Stonewall Jackson Antitem
Gettysburg West Virginia Emancipation Proclamation greenbacks
Draft riots William T. Sherman Appomattox Courthouse

Reconstruction (1865-1877)
Wade-Davis Bill Tenure of Office Act Andrew Johnson black codes
Carpetbaggers Scalawags Freedmen's Bureau 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
Force Acts Tweed Ring Industry and Labor Bloody Shirt Purchase of Alaska
William Seward Interstate Commerce Act Haymarket Square Riot
Andrew Carnegie J.P. Morgan Social Darwinism National Labor Union
Knights of Labor Court Injunctions Pullman Strike Homestead Strike
American Federation of Labor Thaddeus Stevens
Presidential Reconstruction Congressional Reconstruction Alabama Claims
Credit Moblier Gospel of Wealth

Settling the West
Dawes Severalty Act Little Bighorn Fredrick Jackson Turner gold standard
National Grange Munn v Illinois Tom Watson Populist Party
Omaha Convention Panic of 1873 William Jennings Bryan silver standard
Chinese Exclusion Act Election 1896 Farmers Alliance Movement

America and the World (1890-1900)
Yellow press William Randolph Hearst Spanish-American War Howard Taft
Philippines Revolt Alfred T. Mahan Open Door Boxer Rebellion
Platt Amendment Panama Canal Gentlemen's Agreement T. Roosevelt
Annexation of Hawaii Roosevelt Corollary spheres of influence

Progressive Era (1890's-1916)
Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois Jim Crow Laws
Plessy v Ferguson NAACP Progressive Movement Muckrakers
Upton Sinclair International Workers of the World Pendleton Act
Mugwumps Clayton Anti-Trust Act Federal Trade Commission
Federal Reserve Act New Freedom Election of 1912 Progressive Party
Ida Tarbell Robert M. LaFollette Jacob Riis John Dewey
Pure Food and Drug Act Underwood Tariff Jane Adams socialist party
Eugene Debs Muller v Oregon Lochner v NY Alice Paul 

World War I
Lusitania unrestricted submarine warfare Zimmerman Note Central Powers
Espionage and Sedition Act War Industries Board Treaty of Versailles
Creel Committee on Public Information Henry Cabot Lodge Woodrow Wilson
Normalcy race riots of 1919 18th and 19th Amendments irreconcilables
Victory gardens League of Nations reparations Fourteen Points
American Expeditionary Force Schenck v US

The Twenties
Red scare A. Mitchell Palmer Scopes Trial Ku Klux Klan teapot dome
Marcus Garvey Emergency Quota Act F. Scott Fitzgerald
Al Smith Herbert Hoover Harlem Renaissance Calvin Coolidge
The Great Crash Charles Lindbergh Dawes Plan Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Sinclair Lewis Henry Ford Volstead Act Kellogg-Briand Pact
Washington Arms Treaty Conference Prohibition Jazz Age
Sacco-Vanzetti Trial Andrew Mellon Election of 1928 Stimson Doctrine

The Great Depression and New Deal (1929-1940)
Bonus Army New Deal Fireside Chat Federal Emergency Relief Act
Civilian Conservation Corp Public Works Administration Glass-Stegall Banking Act
Wagner Act Father Coughlin Eleanor Roosevelt Good Neighbor Policy
John. L Lewis Fair Labor Standards Act John Maynard Keynes
Francis Perkins Black Cabinet Works Progress Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority National Industrial Recovery Act
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Social Security Act
Securities and Exchange Commission

World War II and The Search for Security (1930-1950)
Munich Agreement Neutrality Acts Lend-Lease Act Atlantic Charter
Pearl Harbor War Production Board Manhattan Project
Office of War Information Dwight D. Eisenhower D-Day
VE-Day Marshall Plan Cold War Containment
Truman Doctrine Korean War 38th Parallel General MacArthur
Berlin Blockade Marshall Plan Berlin Airlift Spheres of Influence
George F. Keenan Nuremberg Trials Japanese-American Relocation
Ex Parte Endo Potsdam Yalta Hiroshima Okinawa
Employment Act 1946 NATO Election of 1948 Korematsu v US
London Conference, 1933 United Nations

The 1950's Cold War at Home and Abroad
McCarthyism HUAC Smith Act McCarran Internal Security Act Containment
Alger Hiss Rosenberg Trial John Foster Dulles Eisenhower Doctrine
SEATO Geneva Accords, 1954 Brown v Board of Education Brinkmanship
Birmingham Bus Boycott Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rosa Parks Domino Theory
Boycott Sit-In Central High School Little Rock Dixicrat

Election of 1960 SCLC Richard M. Nixon VISTA
The Great Society Bay of Pigs Office of Economic Opportunity
Medicare Immigration Acts 1965 Berlin Wall Freedom Rides
War on Poverty New Frontier Cuban Missile Crisis
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Freedom Summer NOW TET offensive
Congress of Racial Equality Peace Corps Test Ban treaty
John F. Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights Acts 1964, 1965 and 1967
Gideon v Wainwright Miranda v Arizona

1970's and 1980's
Henry Kissinger Gerald Ford George McGovern Détente Vietnamization
Cambodia Anti-War movement SALT Watergate Whitehouse Tapes
Fall of Saigon Camp David Accord James Earl Carter Equal Rights Amendment
Ronald Reagan Star Wars supply side economics affirmative action
Pentagon Papers Bakke Case Sandra Day O'Conner deregulation
AIDS Moral Majority Challenger Panama Canal
Iran Hostage Crisis Olympic Boycott, 1980 Roe v Wade
Election 1980 Iran Contra Affair

Election of 2000 William Jefferson Clinton Operation Desert Storm
Impeachment Bush v Gore 9/11 Collin Powell
Newt Gingrich Janet Reno NAFTA Ross Perot
FTAA Columbine HS Ralph Nader